Inventory Pics - Elm, Cedar, Myrtle, and Oak

Welcome to our Light colored wood page. Elm, Cedar, Myrtle, and Oak are listed here separately from the Claro Walnut. Slabs of all sizes are listed. These woods have a very light color before finishing, however after finishing show brilliant gold and amber hues. You can also look for elm slabs at

Please note that these are air dried slabs. All slabs have been drying for at least 4 years. Many of these slabs have variances in the moisture content. Some slabs may require extra drying time prior to use.

Click on the image to enlarge. Most slabs have multiple images showing the A side, B side and somtimes an image of the slab treated with mineral spirits to simulate what the figure will look like when finished.


LELMD 1-4 Elm Slabs. 4 Elm slabs Cut from the same log. Slabs are for sale individually or we can bookmatch a set if requested. D-1-1 and D1-2 are each $1700 individually, or available as a bookmatched pair for a discounted price of $3000. D1-3 is $1600 and D1-4 is $1200.


AAE41-1 AAE41-3 Kiln dried elm slabs $1800. for both
AAE41-2 AAE41-7 Kiln dried elm slabs $1800 for both
AAE41-4 Kiln dried elm slabs $900
AAE41-6 Kiln dried elm slabs $700
SDELM 5 - Elm Slab $500
WCA1- Elm Slab
LDELM10-1- Elm Slab
L3ELM-1-1- Elm Slab


EMI-ELMX1 Elm Slab. $500
LELM-JIM Elm Slab. $500
AEMI-ELM3 Elm Slab. $700
AEMI-ELM2 Elm Slab. Call for price
AEMI-ELM1 Elm Slab. Call for price
AEMI-ELM6 Elm Slab. Call for price
AAE32-4 Elm Slab. $500
AAE32-3 Elm Slab. $500
AAE32-1 Elm Slab. $500
AEMI-ELM 8 Elm Slab
AAE 31-1 Elm Slab. Call for price
AAE37-2 & 3 Matched Elm bookmatcd slabs. Call for price

LJEVE30 Bookmatched Elm slabs. These will make a table 44-51"x 97" x 10/4" 95bf. $700

ELJ1 Deodar Cedar slab. 33-41" x 161" This slab will make a great bar top $1000

ELJ 2 & ELJ4 A SIDES Deodar Cedar slabs. 69-76" x 162". This pair will make a great 13ft x 6ft wide dining table $2000


ELJ3 $1000. ELJ5 is sold.

An example of a finished elm round slab.
Our inventory of elm rounds is currently loaded for kiln drying. More information available upon request.
This tsuitate is made from Deodar cedar. Many cedar slabs look dull or pale before finishing.This is a good example of what deodar cedar looks like when it is finished.

Elm rounds. On the left is one of these rounds after being sanded and oiled. It offers an accurate representation of the finished top. The middle and right images are of the elm rounds that we have available. The tops are treated to prevent drying too fast, causing deep cracks, however you can expect all of them to be as beautiful as the one pictured on the left. Please call for details.


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